ALAMIN : Pinoy Isaw Vendor Kumikita Ng P40,000 Kada Araw Dahil Sa Isaw

ALAMIN : Pinoy Isaw Vendor Kumikita Ng P40,000 Kada Araw Dahil Sa Isaw

Pinoy Isaw New York Vendor Robin John Calalo a.k.a. Isaw Boy started with just a $50 capital. Now he is NYC’s go-to spot for Pinoy barbecue.

In 2019, Robin John Calalo put up an ihaw-ihaw business in New York with just $50 or P2,500. Working with what innards were available in the market, not surprisingly his first customers were his friends and family, who, like him, were craving a taste of home.

In the Philippines, of course, these streetside grills are in every corner, selling isaw (chicken or pork intestines), betamax (blood), adidas (chicken feet), and other street food.

According to an interview with “24 Oras,” from his initial $50 capital, Calalo now earns as much as P40,000 a day ($4,000 or P200,000 a week). He sells each piece at $3.50.

Even for Calalo or Pinoy Isaw New York, the boom in his business is unexpected. He says that today, even non-Filipinos flock to his pop-ups. The latest is at 60-11 39th Ave. at a café in Queens called Bee Garden, where he currently has barbecues (Pinoy style, of course!) on Fridays. Filipinos can also get a taste of his skewered goods through Filipino restaurants Tradisyon and Amazing Grace.

Other than selling cooked barbecue, Calalo’s Isaw Boy also sells ready-to-grill isaw, betamax, adidas, and tenga ng baboy skewered on bamboo sticks so customers can do their own grilling at home.

Filipino Restaurant

Filipinos and other foreign diners get to taste his skewered products in Filipino restaurants Tradisyon and Amazing Grace, and in other food fairs. Apart from that, he also sells ready-to-grill barbecues, so customers can cook and enjoy them in their own home. With his growing customers, the business now earns P200,000 per week.

“I’m so thankful that I’m giving happiness and joy, not only to my fellow Filipino people but also to different races through my Filipino barbecue,” he said.

Know more about Robin’s street food business in New York @boy_isaw on Instagram.

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